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A range of testimonials from our clients

As you can see, we work with a vast array of different clients and these Testimonials show how versatile NEWOD is.

Caroline Haxton


Alastair has been working with us for the last couple of months over an incredibly busy time for our company and has been an invaluable help.

With the added stresses of working from home with families, having the additional support of following up with clients has been vital to our continued success.

Alastair has always been highly efficient, courteous, clear and meticulous in his approach, not only with the clients, but also in his daily reporting.

I can highly recommend Alastair for becoming part of your extended team.

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action coach

Julie Mclaughlin


It’s a pleasure to work with Alastair. In very simple terms, he does what he says he’s going to do.

Alastair has completed a telemarketing strategy for me and provided me with updates as promised and I signed a new group coaching client from a lead Alastair provided.

If you need sales support, I recommend you talk to Alastair.

I like his approach, his outlook and the way he talks to people. Thanks Alastair.

Ian Nicklin


I have worked with Alastair for several years and he has also worked with clients of mine.

He quickly gets into the client’s mindset and aligns with my style.

I have absolute confidence that Alastair communicates really well with my prospects and is considered as part of our extended team and produces excellent results.

I would thoroughly recommend Alastair.

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Jon Clements


Alastair is a great representative for any company approaching lukewarm and even cold prospects via the telephone.

The skill of interrupting a decision maker’s day with a sales call, without annoying or antagonising them, is very rare – and Alastair’s got it.

The reason we’ve worked with him numerous times is his ability to engage people in an unscripted conversation on the phone, without pressure, and get a clear steer on whether it’s worth taking the discussion further.

And he’s helped our business win new work that has more than paid for his time and effort.

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Andy Hodges


Alastair worked closely with our team to develop new leads from the data we supplied.

We have won some very successful projects off the back of the leads that Alastair has contacted and qualified. My diary has been filled up with warm leads, which is great.

Michael Barron


Scotia Marketing has used the Telemarketing services of Alastair for a couple of years.

He has also helped to develop new clients through a campaign of cold calling and regular follow up calls, to the point they felt comfortable to come on board.

We will continue to utilise his services as we develop more clients and target areas not explored before.

This targeted approach is far more beneficial to us than social media advertising. Michael Barron, Scotia Marketing.

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Joanna Martorana


Alastair had been a great addition to my business allowing me to connect with prospects and discuss their business needs.

He has supported my business by getting commitment from people to turn up to my Employee Engagement workshops and book meetings with Business Owners ready for coaching.

He has a great approach, is not too pushy and really understands people. I would highly recommend Alastair if you are looking for an outsourced BDM who can help you build your business.

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geoff todd

Geoff Todd


Alastair is a master of his craft. He took a list of prospects and quickly produced qualified leads for now and the future.

His calm, relaxed tone on calls puts people at ease, and he is able to cut through the usual objections to get across the value of whatever he is pitching.

One of our leads was going through the supermarket checkout when he answered Alastair’s call, but found him so engaging he happily signed up for an appointment!

If you need new opportunity development, Alastair is your man.

Stuart Mason

Action Coach

I have used Alastair’s services for a number of months now and find his approach to business to be first class.

The results I am getting surpass ANY other Telemarketer I have used by a considerable percentage.

The leads generated are extremely high quality with a number of these prospects commenting on Alastair’s professional and warm approach. Highly recommended..

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Chris Whitehead


Alastair has been excellent at following up client leads and helping to establish new client relationships.

He is very personable and committed. I would certainly recommend his services.

David Mills


Thoroughly enjoyed working with Alastair. Having known Alastair for a long time, and the skill set he could offer, it was an absolute no brainer!

Extremely competent and professional in everything that he offers. Would highly recommend his services to others looking for solutions in this field.

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Rory Fairgrieve


Alastair’s services have filled a gap in our sales process that was missing. I am very impressed with his flexibility, adaptability and results focused mine set.

In just a short space of time he has got our business sales from completely new contacts and got repeat customer booking in earlier than they usually do making life easier for them and for us.

Joanna Trew


I recently had a chat with Alastair, who is a very good telemarketer. He helps businesses and business owners grow by taking over their cold calling responsibility, freeing up time, and getting more leads.

He is very thorough and very good at what he does, and I highly recommend having a chat with him about your business, and about he can help.

Thanks Alastair for your very good advice, and I look forward to working together.

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