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Appointment Setting

At NEWOD we understand that in some cases the best way to promote your business is to meet your prospective clients face to face.

We can create these valuable opportunities by calling your prospective clients and co-ordinating a suitable time for you to meet and sell your business/product to the prospect.

We are also able to setup Zoom meetings and Microsoft Teams meetings as well. You as the client decide what criteria is required for an appointment to be fully qualified and NEWOD will ensure that this criteria is met to make the appointment fully qualified.

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Sales Pipeline Managment

We understand at NEWOD that perhaps your prospective clients are in an agreement with their chosen supplier or are not in a position to discuss your product or services at that very moment.

We can offer to record and send to you Future Sales Leads so that you can build up a list of strong sales leads to contact in the future.

We will provide you with the name of their chosen supplier, contract length and end date and any other relevant information you require.

Building a strong Sales Pipeline is essential to the success of any business and NEWOD endeavours to not only build you a good Sales Pipeline, we also work on it to maintain it as well.

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Sales Training

With over 13 years experience in the art of Sales, NEWOD are able to deliver bespoke Sales Training to a range of organisations.

The material and scope of the training can be tailed to your requirements and can be done either Face to Face or online.

The training topics can range from Rapport Building, Objection Handling, Sales Processes and Sales Scripts.

At NEWOD, we are on the front line of Sales, servicing our clients daily so we know exactly what goes into creating and maintaining good sales activity.

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Want to find out how your data is performing?

Need to report to your superior on how the campaign is going?

Here at NEWOD, we provide you with full reports on how your data is performing, relevant statistics such as call rates, decision makers spoken to and what the outcome is from all of the calls made.

Our daily reporting gives your organisation valuable feedback on how the campaign is going and enables constructive feedback to be exchanged in order to obtain the desired outcomes of the campaign.

We encourage all of our clients to have a catch up call with us periodically so that we can help you achieve your desired sales goals and help grow your business to where you want it to be.

Pre/Post Event Follow Up Calls

Do you have a Webinar/Seminar coming up that requires you to chase up potential attendees or even do some post event calls for feedback?

NEWOD has plenty of experience in this area and sometimes a phone call is all that is needed to get the answer that you want.

We all get bombarded with emails on a daily basis and how many times have you received an invitation to an event that you wish to attend but something else comes along and you forget all about it?

This is where a Pre Event call comes in handy to remind the prospect of the event! A Post Event call can lead to valuable feedback about your event and also lead to valuable future sales opportunities for your business.

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